IFLC Website

OVERVIEW: A redesign of insightforliving.ca that puts the user first. The old site had a huge library of resources that was buried beneath poor design and late additions. The new design incorporates a custom resource library system that helps users find what they need. The clean design communicates the strong brand and is meant to be flexible as content constantly changes.

CLIENT: Insight for Living Canada

PROJECT: Web Design, Information Architecture

What is this place?

You're visiting the personal portfolio of Laura Vanderwel. Laura is a graphic designer + illustrator + mother on the west coast of British Columbia. She specializes in communication design with a hint of wit and a whole lot of attention to detail. This space is dedicated to the things she is most proud of, both client and personal portfolio work. To work with Laura on branding or graphic design, visit her over at Fjord Creative. To work with her on any other type of creative or collaborative work, get in touch right here!

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